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Maia Mellier is a multidisciplinary Visual Artist & Designer. She graduated with a first in Visual Arts Practice in 2014, she lives & works in Ireland.

"What I am most fascinated by is the experience of Art - the process while making it & the experience it gives to others. To create Art is a state of allowing, waiting & then following the flow of the idea when it comes. The work is already whole-form & complete just out of awareness & it guidess me as I bring it into form."

A large part of Mellier's practice has been creating machines, installations & experiences specifically for museum & site specific settings. Photography plays a key role in her work as she expresses themes of metamorphosis in the individual & society.

"Observing moments of change & the realisations that come from that change is woven into my work. When mapped backwards echos of the future can be found like clues along the path that were guiding us all along."